Emily Gallagher Joins GemCap as Compliance Associate

We’re delighted to be welcoming Emily Gallagher to the GemCap team as Compliance Associate. Emily will be working alongside Brian Ormonde Murphy, Head of Compliance. Emily worked for a number of years in the financial services industry and first started her career in Bank of Ireland as a Welcome Advisor and then as a Branch […]

Get in on the ACT: Monaco FundForum 2022

A round-up of the Monaco FundForum 2022 by Stuart Alexander: lots of interesting conversations about the future of the industry. Last week I had a very enjoyable few days in Monaco at the world-renowned FundForum. An event that I have been to on a fair few occasions over the years and something that I have […]

Sorting the Best from the Rest: How Do We Spot the Next Big Thing?

Thoughts from Stuart Alexander on the challenge of identifying the next big fund manager – and what makes a manager successful, from strategy to marketing. The other day I met up with a couple of Distribution grandees, Steve Sullivan at Capital Strategies and, later on in the day, Luke Reeves at LGBR. Two firms that […]

Putting the “S” into ESG and the Importance of Community

Thoughts on integrating ESG into your organisation’s day-to-day from GemCap UK CEO Stuart Alexander, and how to make it work for you and your team. As we all know, ESG has become the hottest three-letter acronym since the USA was scripted. Everywhere you look, the ESG letters hang in the air or on a screen […]

Connections: It’s What You Know About Who You Know

A blog from Stuart Alexander on making the most of your connections: it’s not what you know or who you know that matters – but what you know of who you know! The old adage that you are never more than six degrees of separation from anyone on the whole planet is one that is […]

Time Moves On and Things Change – But Your Ambitions Shouldn’t…

A couple of weeks ago I got off the Tube one stop earlier than normal so I could walk past old landmarks that I hadn’t seen in nearly 10 years. Past the old café where I used to get my lunch, past Morningstar’s office where I would see the great and the good wander in […]

‘Jean Genie’: Meta, the Company Formerly Known as Facebook

Insights from Mark Clubb at TEAM on Facebook, now known as Meta, and why TEAM won’t be buying Meta shares. “A small Jean Genie snuck off to the cityStrung out on lasers and slash back plazasAnd ate all your razors while pullin’ the waitersTalking bout Monroe and walkin’ on snow whiteNew York’s a go-go and […]

Stressing Stress Testing

Today, we’re sharing a blog from Peter Cripwell at RiskSystem on the value of stress testing in the risk management process. RiskSystem support us by producing investment risk reports and stress test reports for our in-house Investment Risk team. Scenario analysis, stress testing – call it what you will, it is ubiquitous in financial risk management. […]

Babylon is Burning: Is This the End of the Growth?

Last week, the growth company-orientated Nasdaq Index officially dropped into “correction” territory (meaning down 10%+ from the most recent high). Meanwhile, the broader S&P 500 has fallen 7% from its recent high, and the Dow Industrial, about 6%. It suddenly seems like the end of the growth, particularly in the technology company world. Markets usually […]