Bitcoin Reminds Us to Ask: ‘Where Is – And How Safe Is – My Money?’

GemCap UK Non-Executive Chairman Jonny Fry reflects on the lessons to be learned from the collapse of FTX and its effect on the way investors hold their assets. Life, as we know, is a constant lesson. Strangely, some lessons, no matter how painful, seem hard for many of us to grapple, to learn from and […]

Is the Digitalisation of $100trillion of Assets a Lifeline for Traditional Stock Exchanges?

GemCap UK Non-Executive Director Jonny Fry explores the benefits of digitalisation and tokenised assets for the asset management industry. The asset management industry is beginning to understand the benefits of digitalisation and is offering digital funds to investors. The underlying funds remain the same, but are made available in a digital wrapper. These new digital […]

Will Digital Currencies Wane or Flourish as Banks Adopt ISO 20022?

Another insightful article from GemCap UK Non-Executive Chairman Jonny Fry, on the introduction of ISO 20022 next year and how it will impact digital currencies. The introduction of ISO 20022 in March 2023 will be a huge upgrade for the way banks exchange information about payments. ISO 20022 will allow much more structured data to […]

Ciarán Whooley Joins GemCap Finance Team

GemCap is pleased to welcome Ciarán Whooley to the team this month. Ciarán joins us as part of the finance team and is the Designated Person with responsibility for Capital & Financial Management (PCF-39A), and will be providing cover for Cherie Quah. Ciarán graduated with a BComm and accounting post-graduate in UCD, trained with Arthur […]

A Little Bit of What You Fancy? Suit You, Sir!

GemCap UK and Group CEO Stuart Alexander on eating calf’s foot – and the importance of taking risks and stepping out of the comfort zone for fund managers. I am currently working in France and enjoying all the benefits that a beautiful country like France can offer whilst attending the various management meetings, board meetings, […]

Traditional Finance Firms Are Building the Infrastructure For Digital Assets – But What Are They Really Focused On?

Thoughts from GemCap UK Non-Executive Chairman Jonny Fry, on the infrastructure changes traditional finance firms are making in preparation for digital assets, and what the bigger picture might be. Global financial institutions have built the infrastructure to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies. However, given that cryptos are relatively small in terms of adoption and market […]

The Music Industry Has Digitally Transformed – Now the Asset Management Sector is Too

A blog post from Jonny Fry, GemCap UK Non-Executive Chairman, on the imminent digital transformation of the asset management sector. Many industries have put a digital wrapper around their businesses, promoting themselves online via their websites, emails, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. However, digital transformation is about business transformation and not merely about having the […]

On Doing What You Love, Not What’s Expected

Thoughts and advice from GemCap Ireland CEO Conor Hoey for those at the start of their career, on the value of choosing a job you love, rather than taking the expected route. “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life: something I hear myself saying more and more when […]

Knowing “The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing” – Oscar Wilde

It was a cynical Oscar Wilde who famously penned those immortal words in reference to a certain gentleman with whom he had spent the previous evening. Some days it feels like the funds industry is being treated the same way by many observers and sadly, at times, those very people who work in the industry. […]