Business Development Partners

GemCap is a business whose roots are embedded deep inside Distribution and Business Development. It’s in our DNA and it’s something we feel passionate about. Without a strong Distribution Strategy then all the hard work in creating a Fund, managing a Fund and performing well will not be rewarded with the assets you deserve.

We have worked in Distribution for decades and we know what makes a good distributor, so we have scoured the marketplace across Europe and the rest of the world to identify some of the best Third-Party Marketing businesses around. Companies that share our passion for working with Fund Managers and putting them in front of top-quality Fund buyers. Fund buyers who are looking for new and innovative ideas to help them deliver the financial solutions your Fund may just help them get.

With our experience we have been able to select TPMs that should be right for you depending on what you are looking for. Some are more focused on the Retail space whilst others move in the Institutional space and whilst admittedly the two can blend in places a good TPM will be able to position your Fund correctly.

It’s all about getting it right first time and we work with the TPMs to ensure they have the right tools to do the job and are supported by us to do the job for you. We also work with all the major transactional platforms across Europe ensuring the infrastructure is in place for you when the Fund goes live in the marketplace. In addition, we can work with you ensuring your Fund is in front of the ratings agencies and that the documentation is right for the markets you are targeting.

Below are the TPMs who we believe excel in the jurisdictions they operate. Please feel free to contact them directly and if you need any help then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Unicorn Strategic Partners


Peak Capital




House of Reach


TPM Benelux

Blue Associates

Daymer Bay Capital



Peak Capital

Channel Islands

Daymer Bay Capital


Unicorn Strategic Partners


Peak Capital


Blue Associates





House of Reach

Hong Kong

Peak Capital


Peak Capital


Daymer Bay Capital


Capital Strategies



TPM Benelux

Blue Associates



Blue Associates



House of Reach

Daymer Bay Capital


TPM Benelux

Daymer Bay Capital


House of Reach


Capital Strategies


Capital Strategies


Peak Capital


Capital Strategies


Capital Strategies

Daymer Bay Capital


House of Reach


Peak Capital


Peak Capital


Capital Strategies

Unicorn Strategic Partners

UK Wholesale

Daymer Bay Capital

C & E

Capital Strategies

LGBR Capital

Bride Valley

House of Reach


Red Gate Distribution

US Offshore

Unicorn Strategic Partners

An Interview with...

Stuart Alexander interviews Cor Ducker

Co-Founder of Garnell & Partners, about the challenges and opportunities for Fund Managers in the Italian market.

Stuart Alexander interviews Johan Wahlman

Co Founder & Managing Partner, House of Reach, Sweden

Stuart Alexander interviews Andreas Kümmert

Andreas is Managing Director, Active Fund Placement. We discuss the opportunities and challenges for Investment Managers in the German market.

Stuart Alexander interviews David Ayastuy

Founder of Unicorn Strategic Partners, based in Miami, Florida. We discuss Distribution challenges and opportunities in South America

Stuart Alexander interviews Luke Reeves

Partner at LGBR Capital, a market leading TPM based in the UK. Luke and Stuart discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for Investment Managers in the UK marketplace today.

Stuart Alexander interviews Lucy Walker

Founder of AM Insights, that helps Fund Research teams understand the world better. As a leading Fund Selector, Lucy’s insights make for some interesting listening.

Stuart Alexander interviews Nigel Sillitoe, CEO and Founder of Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery is a leading market research and PR agency that covers the Middle East on behalf of some of the largest Asset Managers in the world. In this interview Nigel Sillitoe shares his thoughts on the challenges in selling into the highly competitive but remunerative Middle Eastern markets

Stuart Alexander interviews Avihai David, partner and CEO of More Magna Global Markets

Avihai has a unique knowledge of the Israeli market as a leading Third-Party Marketing business that focuses on the very dynamic market of Israel. A relatively unknown market to many European and US based managers but one that should not be ignored. Avihai looks at what makes Israel a go-to market today.

Stuart Alexander interviews Georgina Field, aka “Twink”.

Twink is the Founder and CEO of White Marble Consulting which is an award-winning Investment Marketing business with offices in the UK and the USA. She explains what it takes to be successful in getting the message across to Fund buyers in this highly competitive space.

The Capital Raising Journey for UCITS Managers going into Asia.

An interview with Lorcan Murphy of Acolin

Discussing all things Distribution in Europe. Lorcan explains some of the nuances around selling into a very complicated and disjointed European market whilst not forgetting that each market across the continent has its own take on marketing in their jurisdiction.

A chat with Mark Dampier

Mark Dampier is a well known industry figure with 40 years’ experience in the industry from his early days at Whitechurch Securities to his career defining position at Hargreaves Lansdown. Mark has always been consistent in his views and now in semi-retirement his views are just as strong

A chat with Ole Rollag

Ole Rollag, Founder and CEO of Murano Connect. We discover the differences between what the traditional TPM does and what Murano do. Also we explore some of the usual mistakes made by Investment Managers when approaching the market to raise assets.

Global Distribution Partners

Blue Associates

At Blue Associates our main mission is to help asset management partners establish a presence with professional clients in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco, on a sales and marketing approach.

TPM Benelux

TPM Benelux was founded in 2020 to meet the increasing demand for international investment among mainly Dutch investors. Our mission is to provide the Benelux market access to leading asset managers, combined with the best local service. Benelux markets asset management services to professional investors in the Benelux countries on behalf of a number of carefully selected asset managers. We are their exclusive partner in these markets. Through these partnerships, we offer a wide range of specialised asset management services to investors in a simple and practical way. We offer the local services through our local staff, and the managers are responsible for the management expertise


Fundbridge connects professional investors with high-quality, successful asset managers. We offer unparalleled access to a network of professional investors in Germany that have been built over many years. We have built up trusting relationships with our clients and have an in-depth knowledge of the needs of different client segments.

House of Reach

The heritage of the House of Reach as a Third-Party Marketeer is founded in the Nordics but has grown in recent years to cover many different jurisdictions beyond the Nordics. We are genuinely passionate about quality investment ideas and building strong partnerships. We drive transformations where we find new markets and investments for growth. At the heart of this is you and your business; your success is the most important aspect to us. We support you throughout the process, from joint idea generation to robust execution and we strive for excellence while having fun and enjoying the power of collaboration. We tap your business into our ecosystem which will bring you closer to the potential in the Nordic market and beyond. Our idea is to build your brand through our holistic advisory combined with distribution power. We love business logic and mutual value creation. When joining our network, we are in it together and together we bring down the barriers to entering the Fund Selector market.

C & E Capital

Led by Henry Pollard, C & E Capital has a proven track record delivering sales growth for major international asset management companies. Through key wealth managers in the UK he has consistently accomplished a range of targets set over 3 decades working within the Commodity, Derivative and Fund Management industries. Henry is also a Founding Member of EMFA, now AIMA. He is also a trustee of the City of London Pension fund.

Daymer Bay Capital

Daymer Bay Capital is a third-party fund marketing business offering a fresh approach to asset raising for high-quality fund managers from across the globe. We work in the UK & Channel Islands, Switzerland, The Nordics, Benelux and Ireland. Since launch in 2018 we have raised over $2.7bn for our partner managers’ UCITS funds.

Capital Strategies

Capital Strategies Partners AV SA is a third-party marketer platform with a 20-year track record in delivering results. Our 100% management owned partnership is made up of 29 professionals across various locations. We are fully regulated by the CNMV (the Spanish government agency responsible for the financial regulation of the securities markets) with an Agencia de Valores status. Our business model is focused on institutional and wholesale fund distribution. We have presence in different regions across the globe through business partnerships.

Red Gate Distribution

Red Gate Distribution is a USA based unique sales solution, designed for the boutique asset manager.  RGD will tailor the right team for your strategy and target audience.  A network of independent wholesalers, the RGD solution is Customisable, Scalable, and most importantly, Affordable!

OmniLink IM Partners

OmniLink IM Partners is an Innovative Growth Accelerator that specializes in European fund distribution & capital raising. We provide long-term, holistic, flexible and transparent solutions to local and international Asset Managers, Real Estate & Private Equity firms, to penetrate the European market and raise capital by initiating and building relationships of trust with our network of qualified professional investors.

LGBR Capital

We are a FCA regulated company and one of the largest distributors in the UK market in terms of resources, breadth of product, AUM and geographies covered. For each client, we create a bespoke distribution strategy, which leverages our proprietary CRM so our team can target the relevant audience across the various client categories, so as to increase the probability of raising assets. We then monitor, refine, evaluate and report to the client on a monthly basis, making our out-sourced sales approach is more akin to an in-house distribution team than that of a  traditional Third Party marketer, but without the associated costs and break-even risks of a large distribution team.  

From a distribution perspective, we do not believe that any one channel within our client categorization is consistently more dominant. Each client categorization has different requirements and rational for investing their clients’ portfolios. For this reason we cover all intermediaries within the UK, which is in-excess of 23000 firms. Within this number we have particular focus on those firms that focus on investments, which is circa 9000, of which over 4600 are investors in funds we promote.

Unicorn Strategic Partners

Unicorn Strategic Partners is a third-party distributor currently representing investment managers across the Latin American and US Offshore market landscape. Launched in 2017, Unicorn Strategic Partners has become one of the leading fund distribution specialists in the region, offering best-in-class strategies and a comprehensive offering of investment solutions, always avoiding overlap between strategies across its market coverage.


We connect international investment managers with Italian professional clients and investment opportunities, both for listed as well as for private markets. For private investment opportunities in Italy we provide turnkey solutions.

Peak Capital

Peak Capital has been discreetly matching private markets and alternative investment product with Asian Private Capital since 2004. Regulated by the SFC, our proven track record spans diverse strategies including Credit, Equity Long Short, Multi Manager Hedge Funds, specialist VC and Digital Assets. We resource our offshore clients operationally and ensure their strategy is matched with the right Peak Capital team person; the outcome is a diversified LP base for our client as a result of our transparent and managed process.


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Additional information for Qualified Investors in Switzerland:

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GemCap Investment Funds (Ireland) Plc

Atlantic House Defined Returns Fund

Atlantic House Global Defined Returns Fund

Atlantic House Total Return Fund

Atlantic House US Enhanced Equity Fund

Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund

Calamos Global Convertible Fund

Calamos Growth and Income Fund

Causeway Defined Growth Fund

GSI Global Sustainable Value Fund

GSI Global Sustainable Focused Value Fund

London & Capital Global Balanced Fixed Income Fund

London & Capital Global Conservative Fixed Income Fund

London & Capital Global Defensive Equity Fund (this Fund has terminated and accordingly, Shares in this Fund are no longer available for investment)

London & Capital Global Growth Fund

London & Capital Global Growth Fixed Income Fund

London & Capital Global Star Equity Fund

London & Capital Global Balanced Fund

London & Capital Global Equity Opportunities Fund

Principal Asset Allocation Fund

Semper Total Return Fund

TEAM International Equity Fund

Third Avenue Real Estate Value Fund



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