UK Facilities Agent Service for Managers wanting to distribute funds into the UK

When a manager wishes to distribute a fund into the UK it will need to ensure that the rules on ‘Facilities in the United Kingdom’ from the FCA Handbook (COLL 9.4) are complied with. GemCap UK Limited can help funds meet their COLL 9.4 obligations by providing UK Facilities Agent Services with a UK address where:

  • Investors can inspect fund documentation (COLL 9.4.2)
  • Investors can source the latest price of units in the fund (COLL 9.4.3)
  • Investors can arrange for the redemption of their holding (COLL 9.4.3)
  • Investors can submit complaints relating to the fund (COLL 9.4.5)

For further information,  please contact:

Stuart Alexander
+ 44 (0) 207 118 0949
[email protected]

Conor Hoey
+ 353 1 534 7437
[email protected]